What, a telephone pole in my wedding photos?  That wouldn’t happen with my photographer! Well, I’m a photographer and I’m here to tell you it can and probably will happen. If not a telephone pole, then something else you don’t want there. As photographers, we try not to let these things happen, but the reality is sometimes no matter what how good we are, these things happen.  Having great wedding photo ideas is good, capturing them perfectly isn’t always easy. Read on and I’ll explain.

Look at the photos below.  Both capture important moments with the bride and her father. On the left we have a lovely photo of the bride walking down the aisle with dad looking nervous as dad’s almost always do and there is a big red exit sign behind our bride’s head.  On the right, we have a great moment with the bride and her dad on the sidewalk waiting to enter the church and guess what, there’s a telephone poll there. “Not so great” you say.  Keep reading and I’ll show you how your photographer’s in-depth knowledge of Photoshop and a commitment to quality can change good wedding photos into great photos.

wedding photo ideas - removing unwanted distractions

Here’s the same photo on the left with the exit sign removed. Now that’s a better photo because all eyes are on the bride, where they should be!  BTW, we can’t help it if dad looks nervous.  He is nervous!

wedding photo ideas - good to great

As photographers we try not to fix things in post processing because it’s time consuming and it takes a lot of skill to get it right.   We do our best to make sure that there are no distractions in your wedding photos. However sometimes we just don’t have any control.  Take for example the exit sign.  What’s a photographer to do, ask the church to take it down for the wedding?  That’s not going to happen.  It’s the law – they have to put the exit sign over the exit and the exit happens to be directly behind the aisle.

Photographers use tricks to try to minimize distractions.  One thing we do is called a shallow depth of field.  That’s when we take the photo such that the background behind our subjects is out of focus. However a large red exit sign that’s not very far behind you will still look like a red exit sign, just somewhat blurry.  This technique also doesn’t work if the background is very close to our subject.  For example if you are standing on the street waiting to enter the church and there is a telephone pole close behind you.

Another technique we use to remove unwanted items from a scene is to move so that we can take the photo from a different angle and then the unwanted item isn’t behind our bride. Well sometimes we can’t do that either.  For example with the telephone poll shot, if we moved to where we couldn’t see the telephone poll, we would have been standing in the middle of a busy street.  Although a telephone pole is undesirable, it’s better than your photographer getting splatted by a car before the ceremony even begins. No, we don’t want that either so sometimes the pole is just there.  Or when we are taking a photo of you coming down the aisle, we don’t want to be climbing all over your guests to get the photo from a different angle, so again, we are limited as to where we can move.

When one of those photos turns out to be precious, it really captures the emotion of the day, and you really want it to be part of your album, what do you do? Live with a telephone pole in your wedding photo? No, you do not. You count on your photographer to care about your photos as much as you do.  If he or she does and they have developed skill using Photoshop you won’t have to worry. Look at the before (left) and after (right) below. Pole gone. Photo vastly improved!

wedding photo ideas - remove the pole


So as you are looking for your wedding photographer, ask them if they will do edits on the photos you select for your album if they need to be fixed.  If they try to tell you that they never take a photo that needs to be fixed, don’t believe them. It we are taking posed photos of an engagement shoot in a park, sure we can take perfect photos.  And also when we are creating one of our wedding photo ideas for a portrait of the bride and groom after the wedding. However during a wedding, we don’t get to stop the action and ask people to move or move to a new location with a better background. We have to work with what’s there and do the best job that we can in real time.

Your album is an heirloom. All the best wedding photo ideas in the world won’t remove exit signs and telephone polls. At Sharp Eye Pixels Photography, we always try to get the photo right.  But when we can’t because of space limitations or for some other reason, we fix your album photos in post processing.  It’s our commitment to quality.  Trust us to care as much as you do!

Warm regards, Gwynne

NJ Wedding Photographers

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