As I have mentioned in a previous post, an engagement photo session is an excellent way to get to know your photographers.  Many of our clients want to know what to wear to their engagement session.  My first answer is always something that makes you comfortable that you like!  If our clients aren’t comfortable, then they aren’t going to feel good about the photos and clearly that will ruin the whole point of the session.

Engagement photo session

It’s hard to have fun if you aren’t comfortable

Having told them to be comfortable, I then go on to point out some things to tips that I think will make the photo look better:

1) Try to avoid showing too much skin other than the face, because it can detract from the faces.  We want the photos to be about the loving look on the faces of our couples, and it’s easier to the eyes to see that when there isn’t a lot of other skin competing for attention. Generally sleeves that go to at least the elbow, pants for the men, and either pants or a dress/skirt that goes to knee length for women.  For the same reason, shoes are better than sandals, unless a woman is wearing a dress or skirt and then the feet are just an extension of the legs, so sandals are fine.

2) Solid colors are better than stripes or prints for your engagement photo session.  If you are going to wear a print, make it a small print.  Again, the eye goes to loud prints and we want the eyes on the faces of our clients.

3) The couple should pick colors in the same tones.  For example, dark green, navy, and burgundy, or dark jewel tones, or white/tan/light blue.  This just makes the photo look more cohesive.

NJ Photographers Engagement Photo

Notice how Laura and Mike have coordinating colors.

4) To look slimmer, avoid a light top with a dark bottom.  Eyes will be attracted to the dark color and guess where most people don’t want people looking.  Wearing a similar tone top to bottom doesn’t attract the eye anywhere and so it goes to the face.

5) If you have a theme for your wedding, consider typing what you wear to your engagement photo session into your wedding theme.  It could be a color or a style like Kristen and Kyle did for their engagement shoot (their theme is Great Gatsby).  This is especially fun if you are going to send out Save the Date cards.

Engagment session - Great Gatsby themed wedding

Kristen and Kyle are having a Great Gatsby themed wedding.

Great Gatsby themed engagement shoot

Given all this advice, go back to what I said first, be comfortable and remember sometimes rules are meant to be broken.  The absolutely best thing you can wear to an engagement photo session is a smile and a good attitude.  This is one of the happiest times of your life, so enjoy!

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